Monday, April 30, 2012

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Holy Mackerel!  It's amazing how quickly over two months can whiz by in life.  I no sooner started this blog than I have gotten way behind, although the lack of posting is indicative of the lack of personal sewing going on in my life for awhile.  The mojo apparently took a holiday in some tropical locale without letting me know it was leaving.  Things have been very hectic at work for the last several months and, although it didn't really translate into a lot of extra hours at work (well, some days were long!), it meant that most days when I got home in the evening the creative juices had pretty much been sucked dry.  Not much more in me than to plant myself on the couch with the remote.  I also had a special sewing project going on for a gallery show which was up in April--I'll try to talk more about that in another post.  But special projects also can kill the mojo for me because I feel too guilty doing any personal sewing when I know I should be working on "the project."

Finally, however, things seem to be slowing down and my time is my own again.  I can feel the desire to sew coming back to life.  I eased into the process with a relatively quick project--making several pairs of cotton flannel pajama-type pants (or "comfies" as we call them around our house) for myself and My Guy to wear when lounging about the house.  I made us three pair each, which should pretty well re-stock the supply for a good long while.  From the right--bright colored lizards, funky green print and African masks for me, and African masks, cartoon monsters, and black/white skulls on red for MG.  Not terrifically thrilling, but it's something!

Next, I think I will take a stab at several of the StyleArc patterns which I have been accumulating.  I've made a test sample of the Adele Top and am ready to try another version, plus a couple other SA patterns--stay tuned!

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