Monday, January 2, 2012

The Last and the First

One of my most used patterns this last year was the Sewing Workshop's Liberty Shirt pattern.  I have made it twice as a buttoned shirt/jacket in woven fabrics and numerous times as a pullover t-top in knits.  I had finally put the pattern back in its proper storage bin, thinking I really should move on to something new--in other words, use one of the other hundreds of patterns I have purchased and never taken out of the envelope.  Then, several weeks ago, I was surfin' the 'net and ran across the website for Shirin Guild's winter 2011/12 collection available online.  The collection includes this cardigan

Of course, my mind immediately went to the SW Liberty Shirt pattern and I thought "ooh, I can make this!"  I love sewing!  The original cardigan is made of 100% cashmere knit.  My fabric collection does not contain such fabulosity as cashmere knit, but it did offer up a cushy, cozy wool blend from Sawyer Brook in a soft gray which I thought evoked the same feel as the original cashmere knit.  Then, of course, while cutting out the wool fabric, I decided to cut one last Liberty T-top using a poly/lycra knit recently acquired from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Since the machines were already threaded with black thread, I sewed the knit top first and completed it on New Year's Eve just in time to go out for lunch with My Guy.  This top was my last completed project for 2011.

I'm finally very happy with my technique for applying bindings on knit top necklines--they are narrow and smooth, and almost always lay nicely flat

Upon returning from lunch on New Year's Eve, I started on the Shirin Guild knock-off.  I was hoping to cut the Liberty pattern a little longer to replicate the length of the original cardigan, but could not do so because I was short on fabric.  Bummer!  Oh well, moving on.  I replaced the Liberty collar with a mandarin collar, using a pattern piece from another Sewing Workshop pattern--I have my SW patterns stored in alphabetical order and when I went to pull the Liberty pattern, I noticed that just in front of it was the Kinenbi pattern which had the exact mandarin collar I was looking for.  Love it when a plan comes together!  I also lengthened the Liberty sleeves a bit to achieve the rolled back cuff of the original cardigan.  The sewing process was quick and easy, since I have made so many of these before.  I am extremely happy with the outcome and I think I will love wearing it.  I finished this and the skirt on New Year's Day, so this is my first completed project of 2012.

I paired the jacket with a skirt made from OOP Vogue 8435 in a slightly darker gray heathered wool/lycra blend.  I was recently turned on to this pattern by Janis over at Stitcher's Guild.  I had to splurge on buying this OOP pattern because I think the skirt is a lovely "classic with a twist" and the jacket would be interesting to try as well.  Thanks Janis!  While the patterns calls for knit fabrics, I used this slightly stretchy wool woven and just made sure I had enough ease for my hips.  I had to slightly adapt/modify the skirt pattern, however, as I again was short on the required amount of fabric.  I had to put a band across the bottom of the overlayer in order to get the necessary length.  The jury is still out on whether the band works, but I'll live with it for awhile before deciding.  Otherwise, this is a great skirt pattern.  The colors of the skirt and jacket actually look better together in real life.

Well, now what's next?


  1. I already left a comment on Stitcher's Guild, but I had no idea that Shirin Guild was back in business!! Thanks so much for informing me!

    Both tops are great, but I especially love the elegance and beauty of your Shirin Guild-inspired top. It looks great with the mandarin collar.

    I also have Vogue 8435 and haven't cracked it yet. Your skirt is lovely.

  2. I think the band looks great. Wonderful job you did on your knock off.

  3. Wow! I do love ALL of your Liberty interpretations. Each so different. All so chic.

  4. And I just had to go order that skirt pattern on eBay. My first ever eBay purchase! Thanks for all the inspiration.