Saturday, January 21, 2012

A WonTon and Background Basics

I recently obtained a piece of loosely-woven wool/poly blend boucle from in lovely shades of golden brown.  I knew I wanted to make a tunic to wear as a top layer of an outfit, but couldn't decide on a pattern.  Until about a week ago when I was scanning some of my Sewing Workshop patterns into the computer.  (I am slowly scanning all my patterns into Evernote so as to have a nice, accessible record of my patterns on the computer and portable on the IPad--It's taking awhile to accomplish!)  I have my SW patterns in alphabetical order, so as I came to the end of the stack, I ran across the WonTon Blouse pattern.  It had just the sleeve and neckline style I wanted.  When tracing the pattern, I simply left out the waist band pieces and extended the body to a tunic length.  I also took a tuck in the pattern to take out some length through the area of the sleeve/arm openings, as the original sleeve openings are very wide when finished.  I'm happy with the results.  It looks a little bulky on the dressform, but looks better on me.  (yes, I'm working on the self-portrait thing of me actually in the clothes.  I'm not very adept at getting a good shot yet)

Underneath the tunic are a couple of what I call "background basics."  Simple tops and bottoms in good colors that complement and set off a great third layer.  For the top, I used Vogue 8536, which has become my TNT for a basic closer-fitting knit T-top.  I use my pattern pieces from this top to compare to new patterns I'm trying for the first time when deciding what size to trace and what alterations may be necessary.  The skirt is Vogue 8435 again--apparently, this is my new favorite basic skirt pattern.  I made these pieces last Friday night and Saturday morning, and then promptly lost the sewing mojo for the rest of the weekend.  I was bummed.  Hopefully, this weekend will be better.


  1. The won ton top really needed the changes you made, I think. Nice result. Also like the idea of background neutrals, especially the skirt. It's basic but with a little something different for a background basic. No competition with your special outer layer.

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