Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wool--what a wonderful thing

I guess it's a lucky thing I live in Montana, where wool is wearable (perhaps even a necessity) for at least half the year, if not more.  Or perhaps it's because I grew up in Montana that I love wool as much as I do.  Either way, I love me some wool fabric and I love sewing for the fall and winter seasons.  I recently received a length of wool herringbone weave fabric from FabricMart in various lovely shades of brown, tan and russet.  I ordered it thinking it would become a jacket, but when it came, I knew it also would be fabulous in a skirt.  Hmmm.  Did I have enough yardage to do both?  I've spent weeks toying with different patterns trying to figure out how to get two garments out of this piece of fabric.  Then, just after Christmas, Carolyn on Stitcher's Guild posted two beautiful coordinating sets of tops with sleeveless jackets she made using Cutting LIne Designs Anything But Ordinary pattern.  I promptly slapped my hand upside my head and said "Duh!"  Sleeveless!  Then, being a shameless copycat, I used the Anything But Ordinary pattern to make my sleeveless jacket.  I used Vogue 8435 again for the skirt.

I didn't make these pieces intending necessarily to wear them together.  Considering the recent discussion on the Cutting Line Designs thread at Stitcher's Guild, perhaps I shouldn't be caught dead wearing them together (LOL).  Looking at the pictures, however, I kind of like them together.  Any thoughts?  (And sorry for the crappy indoor lighting in the pictures--the color of the fabric is a little less red than appears in these photos)


  1. Very cute! I have lots of FM wools - they have had some nice stuff! You are really in production mode!!

  2. Another beautiful winner from you! BTW, I'm a former Montana gal myself...and I do remember wearing a lot of wool way back in the day....

  3. This is just such a wonderful ensemble, and it will be a great traveler, if you need it. BTW, I love the name of your new blog. Did you line the vest? If so, is it a loose lining or something else? It looks so versatile as a vest.